Saturday, December 30, 2006

happy birthday james we are really proud of you!!!

we have been thinking about you, and we have realised that you are getting a little bit old. you are 45 years old now, so you shouldn't be thinking about killing comunist you should be thinking about getting a family. I think times has changed, there is no more comunist, comunist went home and you should do the same james, this is a peaceful world and we don't need spys anymore.
We are in a peaceful time, bin laden doesn't even exist, is a cnn invention, so it doesn't make sense for you to keep on spying everyday. You don't have anybody guilty to work against, so go home, relax and get a family. LIVE THAT LIFE you have been defending for us. Marry MONEYPENNY, go to work 8 hours everyday in a factory for a low salary that never increases, watch football Sundays, and go to church.

James, MONEYPENNY is your real love, it's time for you to marry her and leave us alone. we have grown up and we don't need you to save our asses anymore. thank you james, it was great your help but find another job.

We want a peaceful world with true love.

texto de javier urtassum (comando latino on the move!)

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